Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Null Sec stagnation and eve is dying?

The blogosphere was alive for awhile with 'eve is dying' or 'null is stagnant' and some are actually talking some positives or trying to find a positive direction.  Lets take a peak real quick at what the writers are saying:

This is by no means a comprehensive list but are the articles that I have enjoyed reading so far.

Funky Bacon's (Phasers to fun)

TMC Rethinking Nullsec

Endie's recent posts:
The Most Unpopular statement in today's EVE
Let a thousand jagged flowers bloom
The patchword EVE
A game of fights: Returning PVP to EVE Sovereignty
Will nobody think of the newbies?
The Evil behind the thousand Megathrons

I've remained quite a bit quiet on this topic because all of my nullsec experience is 10 years old and well before ANY kind of official sovereignty was brought into the game.  Back then we had sovereignty because we were THERE, period.  You want us out... come make us leave.  This is why I'm really liking endie's posts a lot and the more recent TMC article.

So, as is being discussed, I don't think that a tug of war sovereignty system is the ONLY solution at this point.  As INNOMINATE states in that TMC article, there is a serious problem with remote reps.  I don't agree that stopping remote reps when a counter is present is a good idea however.  This is very much like a combat medic not able to help his troops while they're suppressed under heavy fire and wounded.  But lets think on that a bit more shall we?

Firstly, before I dive into that problem let me ask you, the reader, a question.  Why do you play EVE besides the fact that its internet spacesubmarinces?  Some of my own answers:

* Complexity
* Loss is real
* Vastness of space and things you can do
* Don't have to grind for xp but rather just wait (I'm quite patient in this regard)

The list goes on actually but I'm going to stop there for now.  The main thing I want to talk to you about today is the fact that Loss is real.  When my blingy Daredevil does explode, its gone... space dust... only what wasn't destroyed in the violent destruction of that  massive vessel remains for my foe to loot and take to market.  Yes, that is of course a frigate but its still a very massive vessel when you think about it.  Lets take a small break and watch a couple videos, ok?

This one is nice in that it shows various ships over a virtual scale city and also compares them to us wee humans.

This one I like because it starts off with a human being then steps into the ships.

So, what we're dealing with here are MASSIVE structures with many breaking points.  Yet these structures can live infinitely long as long as the reps keep up... really?  Wouldn't the structure underneath those massive armor plates start to succumb to the pressure of the explosions, melting plasma, concussions and the melting lasers?  I mean, seriously, come on now.  No subsystems start to shut down or internal fires break out when armor plates are gone and hull starting to breach.  Lets also consider the fact that these ships are exposed to the violent stars in the system they are in... do you understand the power of a star... the radiation it kicks out... the heat it produces...  Go outside and just feel the sun hit your skin...  That ball of fire is 1 AU (149,597,871 km or 92,955,807.3 miles) away from us and yet it can still burn your fragile skin...

I'd like to see some form of damage propagate either into the hull of the ship or into its modules as heat damage so that sustaining under fire is no longer possible into infinity as long as your logi are alive and kicking.  Logi would also be subject to this problem where their remote reps start to take damage if they are in fact shot at or primaried and therefore indirectly nerf them without really nerfing them.  I personally would like to see this done as heat damage (don't specifically call it heat damage) so that it can be undone, but at a cost.  That cost obviously being nanite paste while in space or isk when you dock up for repairs.  If you so choose to use nanite paste, you are effectively gimping yourself while the repairs are taking place.  Therefore, nothing becomes infinitely possible while in the heat of combat.

I feel that Endie's post about stacking penalties for remote reps has a lot of merit and I believe it would solve the wrecking ball problem quite nicely (and quickly as this change should be easier to implement and balance).  Feels almost a little bit too heavy handed of a nerf however but that could just be me striving to be revenant in the blogosphere.

I'm realizing however that my option has issue's and those are around PVE content.  Mission grinders will take a pretty serious beating unless this implementation is done just right.  This could however then call for a grand rebuilding of the missions content.  Fewer but harder rats, it seems we're already going in this direction possibly with the burner missions.

I'm just going to publish this because I've been sitting on it for quite awhile now and I wonder what you all out have to say about this type of change?

Fly dangerous o7

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