Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Easy Playback

As I live and learn I start to pilot more and more expensive ships.  I don't fly them just because they're blingy but rather because of what they do and how they do it.  This little baby was a blast to pilot while it lasted and its roam was dedicated to my currently lost little buddy.  While I don't have a whole lot to show for it (I'm quite upside down on its roam efficiency wise) there were a few things that happened to it that there is no 'public record' to show.

Let me just share its roam with you, if you'd so indulge me.

My mission was to roam until I was evicted from it and I wouldn't pilot another ship until this one blew up.  I was hoping for a longer roam but am quite pleased at what I and it accomplished.

So, I had been hearing about this Huola campaign for a short while (at least I think it was Huola).  So, I decided I'd set my destination there starting from Ish and shoot at whatever was in space on my journey.  Don't quote me on my destination as it might have just been to Hevrice or some random spots but I could have sworn it was Huola.

So I set my destination and start jumping gates.  As I get out of the area I jump into a rather large gate camp and think that my roam is surely over at this point...  I'm not entirely sure how I managed to evade them as there were about 40 of them or so but maybe they weren't paying attention or were told to not fire due to aggression timers...  I don't know but I was thankful that I was able to move along in relative peace ;).

My first fight was rather handily won and I'm not entirely sure why he stuck around if he saw me on d-scan.  This is where things start to get interesting though as I apparently caught the eye of some bling hunters (or sprung the trap) and in comes a merlin right as I'm finishing off the hookbill.  I wasn't going to be swayed away from this kill though so I finish off the HB and then move to start aligning out as there are more ships on scan besides just the merlin.  One of those ships being a bantam so I know what to expect at this point.

Lock up the merlin, check his speed... oh bugger, he's MWD fit so he really wants to get on top of me and let his blasters do the work.  I OH the navy web and slow him down to where he should be and lay down some fire.  His shields are tough and the bantam isn't on the field yet so I MIGHT just be able to pop him but alas, the bantam lands just as I'm getting into his armor and saves his measly little ship.  Time to move to the next fight... this one's done, so I warp out.

The next 'fight' is an atron and I... uh... think it was asleep because it just went pop and I don't think it moved...  Oh well, time to... wait... whats this on d-scan... a succubus...  Ooohhh, now this should be a juicy target.  The question though... is he stupid enough to engage alone?  Yep, but of course he's not alone...  As we begin our dance I find a decent celestial to align out to because of his worm buddy that wants to eat me for breakfast...  I manage to get this pilot down to 1/4 armor though before he either started ASB boosting or his shield reps landed on grid... he was melting nicely too.  Oh well, time to bugger out since I'm now no longer pointed... god I love 90% webs ;).

The roam continues from that point where I make it back home and whore on a kestrel and nab his pod.  So at this point I've linked back up with my corpies, grabbed quite a few beers and am still in this DD.  So, I do what any crazy bastard would do... engage everything...  You saw how that worked out for me and maybe I could have escaped its fate but alas, I lost another blingy DD.  May it RIPieces!

So, why did I tell you this story?  Because honestly, in my mind it was a blast and I have some awesome imaginary but I didn't nor can I record it due to technical limitations and laziness.  What I would like to do however is be able to take some form of game logs and toss it through the EVE Rendering engine and make a movie.

Think about that, your status is constantly reported up to and from the central server.  This data then renders on your screen through the client and its knowledge of the universe and the state that the universe is in around you.  Now, if you're reading this blog, then I think its safe to assume that you've watched some of those talented people that record or stream their fights.  If you are like me then you get a little frustrated every now and then because its not always fun to watch from the pilots exact perspective at all times.  Sometimes you might want to look at the enemy and what they're doing in relation to the pilot or the 'star' of the movie.

Maybe you're a recorder and forgot to hit record just before the most epic fight of you life and now you have nothing to show besides your memories of it and a killmail that doesn't tell the whole story.  Granted this feature would add in some overhead and introduce some potentially serious issue's but I feel it would be worth the risk.  It would also not be a simple undertaking as there would have to be some other client that can parse these new logs, render the universe, let you change camera angles, etc and then render it to a movie.

This is some wishful thinking, but I feel it would make some seriously awesome and epic out of game content for the community to help sell the game!

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