Monday, August 11, 2014

Worst in the pack?

Ok, I lied, its time for me to start screaming that EVE is dying... wait a minute.  No its not, damnit!

So, just recently, a small conversation broke out on the EVEOGANDA where some guy called EVE the worst in the pack of Space MMO's.  I have to disagree and its not JUST because I love EVE but rather... how can you compare apples and oranges?  Let me explain...

EVE Online is exactly what it is.  Yes, it has its short comings but to claim that EVE Online is the worst in the pack of 3 where 1 is in a constant development hell and the other hasn't even taken off yet... Really?  Elite: Dangerous has a history and will more than likely cause the numbers of logged in users in EVE to dwindle while they begin their trek in a sequel to a game that probably drew them to EVE in the first place.  Will they leave EVE Online forever... that is yet to be seen.  There is history in EVE Online that they will NEVER be able to leave behind, no-one that has gotten very deep into EVE can deny this.

Elite: Dangerous has the potential to be JUST like what some people see EVE to be as far as Newbie hostile is concerned.  In the anonymous existence we all now live in how easy is it for us to hide behind these damn computer monitors and spew crap at each other?  Very easy, just look at facebook for more than 20 minutes and watch all the stupid drama take place right before your eyes.  Space... its a dangerous place and I don't care what game you jump into... if there is PVP enabled... greifers will be there... they will kill you... they will find you and they will wait for you.

EVE Online wasn't ALWAYS like it is now.  In the beginning there was plenty of chatter in local channels, complete strangers jetting ore into the same can while a third complete stranger came to pick it up.  Once that was done, we split the ore evenly and went our separate ways only to probably come back the next day and do the same thing.  After a few of these meet ups, we banded together and found a 'home' and built up some shared assets.  Hell, sometimes we'd split up and find new groups of friends only to merge larger groups of friends together under one umbrella and accomplish something awesome.

Now, don't get me wrong, there were scammers, pirates, scoundrels, 'hackers' or whatever you want to call those that game the system and other general 'low lives'.  These are the roles that we all pick to play in this GAME that so closely mirrors real life.  The scammers aren't as prevalent as some would like you to believe... or maybe they are...  take a chance and find out maybe instead of isolating yourself into a one man corporation thinking that you'll find what it is that makes EVE what it is.

Come join us in the EVEOGANDA or 'The Frosty Hammer' public chat channels in game.  Be sure to poke us as we might not be actively monitoring the channel for new arrivals or we might be busy shooting someone in the face and doing something else in space.

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