Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Forging the hammer

Coming at you from another character today.  I, like many, have many personalities in this crazy chaotic universe.  I'll skip the introductions as my Who is Marq Aideron post explains mostly who Narook is and the other characters which were given away upon my quitting back then.

Today I would like to talk about industry and our progress in rebooting Lucifer's Hammer.

In all of my previous markets I've always targeted single modules and ammunition which were individually profitable until I felt like what I wanted to do was accomplished in that particular market.  I had never really listed anything in low sec however because, back in the day, it just wasn't worth my time and effort.  Now, we have an army to 'feed' and apparently now some friends who want to join the party.  So, off to low sec to join Sugar Kyle in her cult of fair prices effort.  This time though, I'm going to try the tactic of the complimentary good.  Still not there but working on it and the market in Ishomilken is growing slowly but surely.

In EVE I see the complimentary good as something that isn't necessarily very profitable but will help the sales of the goods that are.  So, you're selling 150mm Railgun II's then list some Navy Antimatter, Spike, Javelin and Magnetic Field Stabilizers.  Selling hulls, then sell fits you find in losses on zkillboard regardless if you lose a bit of isk on a few of the modules, making SOME money is better than making NONE!

Obviously this all requires a slightly different way of looking at your market.  Instead of looking at each and every individual item and whether or not you're making a profit on it, instead focus on the market as a whole.  What goods are you purchasing to build the output for listing on the market and at your given prices are you making enough money to move forward.  This is where apps like LMeve really start to shine as they give you this big picture looking glass into how you are doing.

Lucifer's Hammer is on its way up and I'm loving how things are looking so far.  We have a more vibrant corp chat and more and more people are showing up on TS to chit chat and do things in space.  With the corps adoption of LMeve we also have some eager industrialists ready to chip in and help fuel the markets for our pirate brethren to shoot people in the face.  Are you an industrialist and want something more to do than just make money?  Want to build something other than just modules to list to some nameless face in Jita?  Come and stop by 'The Frosty Hammer' chat channel in game and talk us up.

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