Thursday, June 5, 2014

Who is Marq Aideron

     I'm an older EVE player who took a very... very... very... long break from the game.  Started playing in the later stages of the open beta (maybe the last month or so) and picked up the game around 2 or 3 weeks after release.  I would have been on release day but, if my memory serves correct, we couldn't just download the game... or I just wanted the actual cd... forgive me... its been a decade+ since this event :P.

     Anyways, I started life as a miner and hauler and then gradually worked into production.  From there I jumped into some null sec alliances and then out of null sec and then back into null sec.  I finally settled, with some friends, into our own corporation.  We called ourselves Tenax Incorporated and quickly hit the scene as hard as we could as merciless capitalists with guns basically.  Kind of a form of high sec piracy with a strong emphasis on industry and war.  Not only did we supply everything we could muster into the multiple smaller trade hubs up north but we also waged war ourselves.

     We inserted ourselves into the middle of the Amarr and Minmatar role players and backed up the Amarr.  The reason, because we wanted to and because we played it off like the minmatar taking out industrials was a direct attack towards us and our kind.

     We also attacked and blockaded any competition we could when moving into a market.  Our methods were crude and quite uncivilized and that's how we liked it.  If you had a market cornered and we wanted it... we moved in and beat out your buyer orders, 0.01 isked you on the sell orders and then declared war on you and camped you until we got bored.  Sometimes this resulted in some fights but generally it resulted in a lot of whining and other corporations war dec'cing us and dying pretty miserably themselves.  I obviously have no proof of this so believe what you will.  Go ahead and google Tenax Incorporated and see some of the tears on the old forums, they're quite nice indeed :D.

     So, that was my play times from around 2003 to about 2005 or so until I finally had enough of the virtual job I was playing and wanted to spend more time with the woman who is now my wife :D.

     Fast forward to 2013 though and my wife and I are quite settled down now, still no kids and we're looking for something to do so I suggest we jump back into New Eden and see what it has to offer.  So I reactivate the only character I kept around and jump back in and start planning the rest of my 'mains' as well.  This is when Marq was born and his path set forth.  Initially I knew he'd be a frigate pilot but what cause would he fight for?  Or would he not fight for a cause?  Could I take him down the darker path of surprise pvp... piracy if you will... or was that even in my blood to do so.

     Anyways, that's me in a nutshell...

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