Saturday, June 21, 2014

WTB MSE!!?? Not necessarily!!!

     Lets educate ourselves a little bit shall we?  The other day, I went and lost this to another pilot who was probably piloting a very similar fit.  I will mention the fact that the other pilot was more than likely linked and was probably using snakes as well.  Yes, I was out matched by who is probably a superior pilot but I wanted to fly the damn thing and see just how terribad I was.  I was also somewhat impressed with Rixx's fit of this ship.

     I am not one to mindlessly follow someone until after doing my homework.  I have loaded up Rixx's fit along with other fits and compared on many different metrics.  So, with that and the comment on my kill in mind, lets compare the MSE fit versus the SSE fit.

The MSE fit:

The SSE fit:

So, right now I have their incoming damage profiles set to 50/50 of Therm/Kinetic.  Notice the EHP of each ship...  If you are having troubles reading the images let me spell them out for you shall I?

MSE fit has 4.62k EHP.
SSE fit has 4.73k EHP.

Wait... is that even possible?  How could that be you say... the MSE has more shields and... and... derp derp derp.

Do you understand resistances?  Do you know that even that Garmur has some hull hit points?  I'm not lying to you here... it ACTUALLY HAS HULL HIT POINTS!!!  Shall we switch damage profiles?

EM and Thermal, 50/50
MSE fit:

SSE fit:
Can you see those numbers?  Want me to put them in actual text again?  Sure thing... just look down 2 lines...

MSE fit has 4.24k EHP
SSE fit has 4.61k EHP

Wait... WHAT??  How is that even possible?

So, before I continue, let me highlight MY OWN MISTAKES in that fit that I linked and lost at the beginning.  You hear people talk about fitting to the ships bonus' and this is very true.  But you don't fit EVERYTHING to its bonus'.  Capitalize on them, sure, over use them, no need.  Once you've sufficiently capitalized on the ships strengths, try and shore up some of its weaknesses.

The Garmur's main weaknesses is its locking range and, just like every ship, its resist holes.  My fit attempted to shore up only one of these weaknesses because of my lack of experience flying kitey fast ships.  The fit I should have been using should have been more like what I posted of my opponents probable fit or the SSE fit.  Oh, and don't let me forget about my choice of ammo...  that was incorrect too right?

As I was writing this I also started to think about yet another reason people STILL think that an MSE is the best solution - passive regen increase.  So I ran the numbers before posting something that was inaccurate.  I'd also like to level the playing field a little bit first.  Lets rewind a bit and just say that I used the 'CORRECT' ammo, shall we?

Two more screen shots, both fits, receiving JUST EM damage.

MSE fit:

SSE fit:

Again with the numbers being readable in text:

MSE fit has 4.08k EHP
SSE fit has 4.53k EHP

So, according to PYFA, that is a whopping difference of 3.44 EHP/s.  That'll save you I'm sure.  But, for complete accuracy lets take that number and increase it for the length of the fight.  According to my logs, that fight lasted ~61 seconds.  Therefore, that extra regen of the MSE would have afforded my opponent an extra 209.84 EHP.  So, if we were to add in hit points regenerated by our shields we would end up like:

MSE fit 4.74k EHP
SSE fit 5.05k EHP

Which fit wins?  You decide.

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