Monday, June 2, 2014

Those awesome solo fights!

     Welcome to the first edition of the Low Sec Wonderer, brought to you by Me... Marq Aideron.  I'll introduce myself a bit later but today I just wanted to talk about some good fights that were had a couple nights ago near our old system of Hevrice, Verge Vendor.

     I jumped in my first kestrel and proceeded through the pipe down to Hevrice and the neighboring systems.  On the way there I spot a fairly empty system with some faction warfare activity, scan out an atron in a novice, overheat all the things and enter the complex.  Upon landing on grid I see the atron, fully expecting him to cloak up or run, I locked him as fast as I could and went in for the points and kill.  I found him already partially beat up by the unfriendly NPC who's complex he wanted and the kill was quick and brutal.  Sent the good fight in local and proceeded on my way.

     I'm not one who likes the easy kills but they happen.  You never really know how your opponent will be fit or how confident he is in his ship and sometimes you land on the less confident or poorly fit and the kill is yours.  So, I decided to send this guy an evemail and ensure him that he did do some decent damage and offered up a fit from some corp members who love the atron and do rather well with them.  His confidence isn't quite there yet to spend more than a couple mil on a ship but thanked me for the fit non-the less.

     Onward toward Hevrice again and the remainder of the voyage is pretty boring until passing Hev and moving into Jov.  Here I see a Tristan and a Thorax.  Tristan is in the novice so no worries about being interrupted by the Thorax, overheat all the things into the novice complex with the Tristan.  Down I go pretty much as expected (hint, my missile skills are not super and my fit is probably suboptimal).  I feel like I fought that fight very well though as I noticed the reps on the Tristan were much more than I expected so tried to pull range and managed to pop almost all the drones.  The thing I didn't do though was overheat the AB and I put the webs on the drones (that's probably what killed me) instead of keeping it on the Tristan.  Give the gf in local and limp back to Hevrice to grab a another Tristan.  The 'good' guys won this one ;).

     I was going to go for ol' Trusty again but instead decided to go with something a bit different and step out of my comfort zone.  I wanted my first solo cruiser kill so stepped into something a bit more experimental (for me at least).  A variation of my own on the neuting Tristan and head back to Jov only to notice the Thorax is now in Hev with me.  The hunt begins and I quickly spot him in a medium complex.  This isn't the same thorax though and instead is a Tusker.  I put some range between us and wait to see if the other thorax comes in to play or if this one pops drones or calls for small support.

     Nothing happens for a minute and no other ship on short scan, so I turn around and head towards this guy with full intent to engage but he warps off and leaves system.  Disappointed I orbit the warp in and wait for an engagement.  In comes what is probably the other thorax and I lock and get into my prefered range.  I put my drones out, full speed ahead and wait for his drones to come and play.  He launches 2 hammers, 2 warriors and 1 hob.  Warriors are the primary source of trouble at this speed so they're quickly locked and fought off with my hobs, webbing them when they get within web range.  This continues for another few minutes until he is completely out of drones and I start to move in for the slow agonizing kill.  Just before I'm about to move in and put on the neut pressure he warps off... Confused, I ask in local whether he was stabbed or if I lost point.  He replies with 'lost point'... not entirely sure how that happened but I'm not too terribly disappointed as I did leave him droneless so part of the op was a success :P.

     Back to ol' Trusty I go to hunt out the Tristan that blew up my Kestrel earlier. I move into the novice and get into a nice comfortable orbit.  Unfortunately I'm writing this from memory and I can't remember if I spent time killing the drones or not or just burnt through the other tristans reps but either way, was a good fight.

     The fight must have impressed my opponent as she asked for my fit, which I gladly shared.  I was also very appreciative of the good fights and offered the loot from the tristan and a couple of my Trusty's in exchange :D.  She gladly accepted the offer and then offered for another fight... this time... my fit vs my fit.  Seemed intriguing so I gladly accepted.

     Off to a novice we went to see who the victor of this 'mirror' match would be.  I enter the plex first and get into position around the warp in.  I leave drones in as I don't want to have _too_ much of an advantage before she lands.  A few seconds later, she lands, we perform our prefight preps and begin the dance.  As I watch chunks of armor come and go from both of us I'm having a hard time understanding who's ahead.  I did notice, however, at the start that she managed to gain lock and fire first which put her at an advantage.  With this information and currently at half armor I decide to let the AB burn as there shouldn't be much time left.  Nanite pastes are down to about 3 charges remaining at this point and we're each starting to dip into structure with massive chunks of armor being repped back up and then tore back off again.  Finally after running through all the nanite and capacitor alarms starting to ring.  I still can't see who will be the victor as the final shreds of our hull are being torn off.  The the deciding moment, that moment where you know your ship has turned to dust and given you all she can give you, has come... but its not mine.  My Tristan sitting at a mere 4% structure has emerged victorious!

     Very good fight and I'm glad I accepted to challenge!


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