Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Strengthening the Hammer

Today Rixx Javix posted about Stay Frosty and the fact that his crazy adventure started two years ago.  This isn't entirely true, however, as I'm sure he'll tell you in person.  Yes, the Stay Frosty label has only been around for 2 years but he has been ruminating on this idea now for several years.  Taking examples from others, throwing his own spin on it, learning from his own past, and even giving his members the steering wheel from time to time.  Have we run off the road once in awhile?  Oh, sure, accidents will happen but we've corrected and moved forward and learned from those mistakes and experiences.

Today I'm here to talk to you about Lucifer's Hammer.  What we are and where we're going.  Right now we're a primarily high sec organization who's attempting to keep up with explosions in low and where ever our goods will be used.  We run very similar to an RL corporation but without the necessity to do what you are asked to do production wise.  We have redundancies built in to cover your back if you can't "meet your quota" for the month.

As a corporation we as a whole build frigate modules and hulls for sale in your local trade hub, some low sec markets and provide logistical support if/when its needed and we're around to do so.  Our coffers aren't deep, I won't lie to you but they're growing at a healthy rate and a majority of what we as a corp make ends up in our producers and haulers pockets instead of the corp.

Our approach to industry is actually fairly simple.  You as a producer are assigned some things to build and invent and you plug in the jobs.  Those hours that your manufacturing and laboratory slots are busy count towards your 'paycheck' at the end of the month.  We're attempting to build something where you can focus on what you want to do and ignore the rest.  Want to be involved in industry but not really haul all the stuff to/from Jita on a day to day basis?  Want to haul the stuff to/from a trade hub to earn some isk or just get to know the locals as you pass through the systems?  Are you keen on watching market fluctuations and prepping for the storm or jumping in on a bubble that's about to burst?  If any of these possible career choices fits what your looking for then contact Narook, Sheza Kewtee, Raiv Solregard or even Rixx Javix or jump in channel EVEOGANDA or The Frosty Hammer in game and get our attention.

As of last month we've grown to 13 unique individuals behind the keyboard all working to produce as much as we can possibly produce AND sell it at a profit.  This number is growing weekly as we have the bandwidth to support more producers consuming and producing.  We're currently pushing approximately 10b worth of goods through Jita every month and paying out nearly 1b to our involved members.  These numbers are growing by ~24% month over month and we're inviting you to get involved and come along for the ride while we see where this will land.

Services we offer our members are growing as we find things that we can use and profit from.  Currently we have a buyback program where the corp will buy your stuffs at Jita buy prices.  These items include salvage, ore, minerals, datacores, construction components, PI goods and we'll work with you on any kind of adhoc contracts that you might find useful to the corp.  Being allied with Supreme Mathematics, Voodoo Children, Stay Frosty and New Jovian Exploration Department gives you other avenues to explore what New Eden has to offer.  As Rixx has said on his own blog, we all operate as much as we can as one corporation and we're encouraged to get involved wither each other and the operations that are able to be made public to the alliance.  So come on over, get involved and have some fun while attempting to rule the markets with us.


  1. Can't believe I just saw this . . . . glad to see that LH is growing stronger and stronger! Good job, Narook.

    - Mal

    1. Thanks man, we're workin it as best we can :D.