Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Zao Amadues, I'm coming for you!

Double post day today!

With our current war effort running in the Ishomilken area we have a lot of ABA members out hunting in low sec.  From our dedicated crazy wormholers to our cuddly carebears, we're all out in low sec shooting people in the face or pissing people off with combat probes trying to find their boosters.  This has generated a lot of content for all of us and really helped to galvanize us a bit more.  I give you this back story because I can and also to help set the stage for my first fight with Zao Amadues and his daredevil.

Supreme Mathematics recruiter Sanders Schmittlaub was out roaming in his Tristan looking for a fight when he announced on comms that he almost bagged a daredevil that took some pot shots on him at a gate near Ish.  At first this didn't interest me as he was 5 jumps away and I was looking for a fight a bit closer until he said 'I know that guy, oh shit, its Zao Amadues'.  Instantly I wanted the fight so I shipped into a DD I had recently moved to ish and burned best speed to the system.  I wanted to test my metal vs one of the greats in the game.

I had located him on the station and knew he'd either be permanently criminal or suspect from recently trying to kill Sanders.  So I set it up with some distance from the station to entice him out.  I figured he'd wait until we got off gate gun range but instead he burnt damn near straight for me.  Perfect opportunity for me to get first blood and show him that the fight was on and he gladly obliged with some awesome piloting.

Have a watch for yourself from his perspective: here at the 2 hour mark.  I would have loved to hear what he had to say but alas he was playing some awesome music which is copyrighted :(.

From my perspective though this fight was over in his favor.  Right when he warped I had warped off as well and was sure that I was the one that popped.  It wasn't until I landed on my destination where I saw a repper running and 19% structure left but almost full armor at that point.  Give him a follow, subscribe to his channel and enjoy his content.  If you see him in space, oblige him with a good 1v1 as he WILL be alone ;).

EDIT: Talked to Zao today and he can't highlight :( so unfortunately that link for the fight will break.
EDIT 2: Unfortunately the fight link is now broken as twitch has purged the archived video.


  1. Never heard of Zao before, but just followed him on Twitch. Good to see you back writing again!

    1. Thanks man, I'm trying to come up with things to write about but unfortunately I'm slow at recounting what I'm doing and where I'm going. Got an article in my head but now I just need to find the time and energy to post it up!