Friday, November 14, 2014

New Love Affair: The Succubus Part 2

Yesterday I said I wanted to talk about 2 things and then only talked about 1...  Oops, guess I should proof read a tiny bit more before hitting that publish button :P.

The second thing I wanted to talk about was what I've been able to accomplish with that little beast.  You can see my track record with the ship over here.

In chronologically descending order, let me touch on the fights that were most memorable to me.

Hull Tanked Enyo vs Succubus:

This Enyo almost fell victim to my Large Tachyons much like this crow.  They landed at the belt at 0 that I was ratting at and were nearly instantly greeted by me stripping them of their shields and half of their armor.  The second volley missed and they warped off shortly after.  They never left dscan though so I decided to down ship and go on the hunt.

The fight was a good one and I learned that I need to manage my heat on my web better as I slipped outside web range quite a few times with her QUICKLY closing range and beginning to blaster me.  Void wasn't a good choice though so the incoming DPS was never enough to really do a whole lot and I'd then notice and re apply webs to get out of that predicament.  Good fight all around though and unfortunately that succubus would meet its doom 4 days later as we saw yesterday.  While I learned the lesson... it wouldn't sink in... we'll see if I do any better in the future ;).

Coercer vs ABA Gang:

I honestly don't remember shooting this guy...  I was drinking that night though... so... yeah...

Atron vs Succubus:

OMGWTFBBQ?  This was quite painful as this pilot skillfully kept his range coming within OH'ed web range a couple times but quickly noticing and getting away before I could start to apply my damage.  Had he made that mistake any bigger he would have quickly felt a scram on him and the coldness of space in his pod.  Well played sir!

Vengeance vs Succubus:

This pilot didn't want to fight me at first as our first encounter had someone completely unaffiliated to either of us come on short scan before we engaged.  He accused me of coming in 2v1 but I assured him that I was alone that night.  He took the fight later though as we can see.  Not much to talk about besides the fact that my speed was FAR more than he could handle and mitigated about 90% of his potential damage it seems.  If I recall, I went into armor just barely and didn't spend a single MASB charge on the fight.

Suddenly AFK vs ABA:

These two engagements were quite fun and helped me understand the capabilities of this awesome little frigate.

It started with the Maller and the Algos coming in on us while we were belt ratting.  Draiv in his Oracle and me in the Succubus with Nix on comms derping around elsewhere.  I knew that the Algos could be very dangerous for me as tackle so approached with caution.  Upon getting close however, I noticed only T1 drones so dove in head first and put tackle on the Algo's and damage on the Maller while Draiv landed for the blap on the Algos.  Upon landing and blapping however a Proteus came on scan and Draiv buggered off.  I stayed engaged on the Maller and slowly whittled through his tank while Nix came along to steel the kill and Draiv came back to apply blaps.

The next part of this two part engagement was a tad trickier.  We still had not evaluated the skill of the pilots from the previous engagement and were not keen on going head to head with a thrasher that COULD be skilled well.  So this one took some positioning and some risk taking to setup properly until Draiv finally landed within an appropriate distance where the fight started and fairly quickly ended with Draiv pretty beat up if I do recall correctly.

Good fight guys, would do again :D.

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